dehydrated tomatillo and tomato in various stages of ripe.

“Sleeping in a shell

Waiting for the perfect time

To wake up and be.”


My tomatillo plant is a new adventure for me this year that has proved to be a HUGE learning experience. Thinking it grew like a chili plant for some reason I planted it in my raised garden beds with my hot chili’s and watched in awe as it grew into a huge BUSH. An actual bush. I didn’t know it needed to be intensly pruned on the regular and it actually got so big and tall with such long stems that it toppled itself over and effectively did the pruning for me. So next time I will definitely be giving this very strong and fruitful plant it’s own spot directly in the ground with lots and lots of space and support but this year I learned a lot and that’s what counts in this process! Right?? Right.


Anyways. When I said fruitful I meant it. I’ve had an abundance of tomatillos since I learned how to prune and the fruits just started exploding off this plant! I never really did much with them before besides salsas and green sauces so I wanted to branch out of my comfort zone. A friend told me dehydrating is a very useful tool when you have am over abundance of one  (or more) kind of veggie so I gave it a try.


The first thing you have to know about this process is that it takes FOREVER! It’s ridiculously time consuming and I was mistaken in thinking you could just set up the dehydrator and forget about it. It’s a process where you have to come back about every four hours and rotate your veggies in the dehydrator so the ones of the bottom don’t burn before they actually get nice and crispy. This means if your doing it at night setting alarms to get your ass up out of bed and go do this or all your effort and beautiful tomatillos are for nothing. Meh.


Just do it though because the flavor from these crispy tomatillo chips (yes chips! They get THAT crispy!) is just amazing. Sweet, tangy and with the tiny bit of salt I added to bump up the flavors even more they are the very essence of a tomatillo that I have never achieved in a salsa or a sauce. The almost yellow ones that were on the verge of being too ripe were definitely my favorite being much sweeter than the rest but it was really interesting to see how every tomatillo was a little different. The bright green just barely ripe ones were super tangy and the others were all somewhere in between.



The only other thing is making enough since I used the whole dehydrator, 7 tomatillos and a few tomatoes, it all took about 18 hours and I devoured them in about 5 minutes.

Completely worth it. You’re going to love them.


Growing and thriving ♡

Dehydrated tomatillo

  • As many tomatillos as it takes to load whatever dehydrator you have!
  • Salt to taste.

Not really a recipe needed for this one! All you need is the dehydrator.

I used a dehydrator with four trays to cook on. I cut each tomatillo into four pieces and lined the trays evenly. No oil is needed but you can sprinkle a little salt if you want to. Now you just turn it on and wait. Every four hours rotate the bottom tray to the very top and 18 hours later you will have little crispy chips so freaking delicious that you’ll probably want to immediately load up the dehydrator with more.


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