Herb salt / Herb sugar

There comes a time in every gardeners life where you look down and marvel at how well everything is growing. After about a week of rain in my town I’m looking around and realizing I have too much growth on EVERYTHING. Definitely not complaining though! This just means I will have more prunings than usual and need some fun stuff to do to keep them fresh!

My herbs really blew up this week and really needed some trimming so here we are! Herb salts and herb sugars are a beautiful and tasty way to keep herbs fresh and use up a TON at once. You could even make a ridiculously huge batch if you wanted to and jar them up for everyone you know! 

My mint has been growing nonstop since I planted it and has been taking over my whole herb garden! I’m not complaining but keep it in mind if you are wanting to plant mint that it sends out roots under ground that turn into whole new plants. So what started as a few plants turned into a huge thriving mint garden all on its own. If that’s what you want go for it and plant then in the ground if not maybe plant them in a pot so they are contained. You have to prune everything and to get the plant to get bushy and leafy you need to know where to cut. Most herbs tell you exactly where it wants to grow so just follow their instructions. On each stem you’ll see baby leaves starting to form. You want to cut right above them. Like this.

That is a piece of mint but it works for most all leafy herbs ♡

So once you have all your herbs get your salt/sugar of choice and just throw it all in your handy dandy food processor! Its so easy! Literally not even a recipe. You can make as little or as much as you want but I suggest making a few different types and using them instead of regular salt or sugar on everything! 

Master Recipe!

  • 2 cups salt/sugar
  • 2 cups any herb ever ♡
  1. Wash herbs and dry them very very well. You may even want to leave them out for a few minutes after you dry them.
  2. Place sugar/salt in your good processor with herbs and blend till fragrant and bright green!!
  3. Enjoy on anything!
  4. If you want to add another flavor go ahead! Do it to your taste. I added 10 cloves of roasted garlic to my thyme salt and two hot Serrano peppers to my sage salt! I sprinkled bee pollen on my mint sugar for a bit of color and nutrients! 
  5. Have fun!

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